Hind Agro Industries Limited is the first company in India to have Asia's one of the most modern abattoir-cum-meat processing plant at Aligarh in the State of Uttar Pradesh in North India. It is a joint venture of Hind Industries Limited, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh and assisted by Govt. of India. This plant at Aligarh is approved by the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India for export of meat and meat products.

Hind Agro Industries Limited is the only company in the country to have the unique facilities of slaughtering the animals which have been bred and reared on strict guidelines set by the O.I.E. Paris. Farmers are encouraged to rear male buffalo calves specially for supplying to the company under the contractual farming. Company has also intensive feed lot to raise male buffalo calves on organic farming with natural feeds. The source and tracibility of the animals are documented from the farm to the finished product. In turn, the company provides assistance to the farmers by supplying feed and veterinary services from the experts belonging to it. Qualified Veterinary Doctors conduct ante-mortem and post-mortem examinations on the animals procured from disease-free zones recognized by the U.P. Government’s Veterinary Department, India.

Is strictly carried out by Islamic Shariyath Procedures and is supervised by representative of Jamiath-Ulama-I-Hind, who issues certificate to that effect.

THE HAIL plant has production capacity of 400 MT,certified by APEDA
All the Plant machinery and equipments used are sourced from AUS/NZ/EUROPE. Strictly hygiene and sanitation norms conforming to international standards are followed. Products are certified as quality produce of India by APEDA. The company has annual turnover in access of Rs 350 Crores

Focused area for exports to countries like Behrain, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mauritus, Oman, Oman, Phillipines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, UAE, Yemen, East and West African countries and CIS countries

HAIL is the only company in India to have the unique facility to procure animals – buffalo, sheep and goat – for processing confirming to the strict guidelines of hygiene and sanitation. Farmers are encouraged to rear buffaloes and lambs especially for supplying to the company. The company, in turn extends assistance to them by providing door to door veterinary services by experts. HAIL has also setup veterinary hospitals. The animals sourced are examined by in-house veterinary doctors before being taken to the abattoir. Slaughter is carried out following the Islamic Sharia guidelines of “Halal” method also as per the requirements of the importing countries. As a practice animals are protected from the sight of other animals being slaughtered. After the slaughter carcass is separated into two halves. The parts are trimmed, washed, weighted and shifted to the chillers to remove the body heat and to facilitate the process of deboning.